Black Ownership transactions by Paramount

Adding complaint and sustainable Black Ownership to your business

Paramount is a bespoke fund manager, specializing in the management of a number of unique private equity funds. The investment in Paramount by the Advance BEE consulting group, as well as the investment of other specialist investors with requisite expertise has made Paramount a Black Private Equity Fund Manager in accordance with clause 3.10 of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Paramount investment strategy is to ensure growth for the portfolio investments it manages on behalf of private equity investment funds. Its focus is to make investments on behalf of investors into small to medium size private companies, which are preferably owner-managed, as well as the corporate market.

Paramount manages funds on behalf of investors in such a way that we are able to offer complete shareholder security. Through our fund management agreement, we offer 100% integrity and guarantee no shareholder conflict. Paramount further offers investors the ability to cancel the management contract if not completely satisfied.

Paramount has the requisite skills set to be able to complement an investment strategy to build meaningful growth in target entities. We are able to support the underlying investment businesses appropriately and see ourselves as corporate partners together with existing shareholding structures.

 Company Profile – Paramount Fund Managers