BEE Commission Press Releases

BEE Commission Press Releases


The BEE Commission Press Releases provided in this section is issued merely for media purposes, and is based on the activities of the BEE Commission. Should there be any queries regarding the content in this section, please contact us for clarification.

The Whistle (2nd-Edition) – 2017

ABP called to retract misleading statement regarding its accreditation as an Economic Empowerment Professional – 16 September 2016

Accelerating the Work of the B-BBEE Commission is of Imperative Priority – 7 December 2015

B-BBEE Commission Determined to Promote and Enable Economic Transformation – 16 August 2016

B-BBEE Commission Road Show Empowering Society – 6 September 2016

B-BBEE Community Participation is Crucial in Township and Rural Areas – 6 October 2016

Conference on Fronting to Assist Companies to Implement the B-BBEE Act Correctly – 22 March 2016

Fronting Contributes to Slow Economic Transformation – 29 March 2016

Integrity and Quality Needed in the B-BBEE Verification Process to Stop Fronting Practices – 28 June 2016

More Measures Being Put in Place to Make the B-BBEE Commission Accessible – 23 August 2016

Net Value Holdings Ordered to Stop B-BBEE Sessions In Johannesburg and Cape Town – 21 September 2016

Organisers to Refund Registered Delegates for the Fronting Seminar Planned for 26 October 2016 at Centurion Lake Hotel – 29 August 2016

Shareholders Encouraged To Read Before They Sign Into Companies – 30 September 2016


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