Public Procurement Services

THE AREA of public procurement services is one in which Advance Corporate Afvisors has led the way for many years.

Tender Advisory Services

Tender advisory services are available for all bids for our clients on an outsourced and turnkey basis.  Advance Corporate Advisors focuses on understanding the B-BBEE, economic development, local content and other developmental aspects of large, mainly infrastructure related tenders.
It then advises the client and advisory team on all aspects of the bid requirements in these areas in order for the team to respond effectively.  Finally, in conjunction with other transaction advisors, including legal and financial, Advance Corporate Advisors delivers a final bid response to the client for the developmental parts of the response, which are then inserted into the final bid response.

Advance Corporate Advisors specialises in economic development commitments for the IPP renewable energy programme, having assisted developers and EPC contractors win projects in Rounds 1, 2 and 3 and 5 of the program.

Tender Implementation Support

The Advance Corporate Advisors public procurement team has extensive experience and expertise in supporting corporates in the implementation of B-BBEE and economic development commitments for tenders, and the management of monthly or quarterly obligations.  We provide full program management solutions, where a project management team is available to manage aspects of these reports on an outsourced basis.

Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

We offer both off-the-shelf and customised monitoring and evaluation tools. This includes an IT monitoring and recording system for social development, local content and job creation. This system is of particular use in the effective reporting of supplier development and economic development quarterly reporting obligations of tenders, PPPs and concessions.

Risk Analysis

Many of our clients are multinationals, many of which have never conducted business in South Africa before, or only in a limited manner.  This department is able to assist clients in understanding the business framework of South Africa, and how to develop solutions to doing business successfully and in a sustainable manner.  We have deep and sustainable relationships with many government departments, and are able to assist in the interface with them on clients’ behalf in order to resolve long outstanding license or concession issues.


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